Office furniture XENON

Production year: 2004

XENON Office furniture system. designed by Josep LLuscà and produced by OFITA. When designing a new product for the office furniture sector, it is important to provide balanced solutions to deal with a variety of factors, including aesthetic demands, scrupulous ergonomic and operative standards, strict industrial requirements, and modern needs for personalisation, adaptation and transformation. Throughout the planning of the XENON range, LluscàDesign has rigorously worked on this multi-disciplinary focus, with the aim of conceptualizing, defining and creating designs that provide solutions to such a variety of requirements. The result was a firm decision to concentrate on basic geometric forms and clean, simple lines that transmit a tranquil, pure, balanced architectural image that is easy to use, safe, durable, strong and up to date. This has been achieved by basing the design on simple, exact and precise concepts derived from accessible technologies that are a far cry from complex and intimidating solutions, involving a plethora of decorative details. Operationally, the various configurations in the XENON range comply with all applicable standards for performance, ergonomics, adaptability, optional accessories, and sharing common components. Over and above these standards, however, XENON also incorporates two innovative aspects in line with the latest concepts in office equipment and new working methodologies. Firstly, the so-called ?third level? has been removed from the desks by incorporating an element called MAPI (the Integrated Personal Filing Module). The work station?s traditional ?third level? makes it necessary to provide desks with costly, complex structures, the use of which is limited to a small personal filing space, a light shelf, or a simple container for stationary and personal effects. The MAPI is self-supporting, can be moved on wheels, and may simultaneously cover a range of tasks including: a divider between work spaces and/or corridors, a support or container for technical equipment and cabling, a large personal filing cabinet using hanging files or A-Z?s, a support for a variety of apparatus or external accessories (lighting, CPU, printers, CD holders, flat screen monitor supports... ), an internal container for all sorts of accessories (A4 in-trays, pencil trays, CD holders, pen holders, .... ), a personal or shared wardrobe, a shared extra surface for various desks, or, finally, as a support for work surfaces that, in turn, removes an important number of table legs from multiple workspace configurations. The MAPI?s interior can be configured according to the needs of the user and it can be accessed from one side or both, in the case of shared MAPIs. Different types of standard, filing and A-Z filing drawers, hinged doors and complete front access doors, provide for full access to the interior of the MAPIs, which are optimized to make best use of their internal capacity. The second innovative aspect in this range is a large operational table that is easily transformable and highly adaptable, giving it ?multifunctional?, ?multi-user?, ?multi-desk?, and ?multi-use? features. It is constructed using the same structure and table tops as the range?s traditional configurations, bringing great versatility in terms of growth and adaptability, as it can change rapidly from an individual work station to a rotating or collective workstation, and visa versa. The type of tasks that the versatility of this table allows, the number of users that can meet or work at it, the different levels of communication that can be established between these users, as well as a combination of the above, enables this office-table configuration, and indeed the entire XENON range, to develop new workspace concepts and different, changing personal relationships. Produced by: Ofita Year of design: 2003 Year of production: 2004 Delta Awards Selection 2005 www.ofita.com

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