Office furniture CONCERT

Production year: 2000

CONCERT Office furniture system. A place for everything and everything in its place is the definition that has given rise to the CONCERT system of office furniture, if we take into consideration the basic need to efficiently organise our work area. There should always be a multiple focus in terms of a system of these characteristics, in order to cover the technical and production aspects, as well as the functional and ergonomic aspects. Ultimately, special attention should be paid to the aesthetic and communicative features that are required of this type of furniture, which is always related with corporate identity and company image. This system resolves complex problems - apparently effortlessly - offering simple and clear solutions with simple and straight elements, without fuss or technological ostentation. The present day functionality that underlies the concept of all work stations, is normally translated into ergonomic and standardised aspects, standardisation and comfort. But in this system, what is also accentuated are the terms of flexibility, versatility, mobility and adaptability, which is already being termed as customisable standardisation. As a result of being a product that is so modular, technical and adaptable, in this case image is reinforced through the customisability of the work station, the combinations of materials and finishes, the combination possibilities between components and accessories, and the final volumes that can be created. Through this system, it will be possible to conceive very different forms of organising work stations and, what is more, the very way we work. Produced by: Perfil Madera S.A. Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2002

Office furniture CONCERT Office furniture CONCERT Office furniture CONCERT Office furniture CONCERT Office furniture CONCERT Office furniture CONCERT