Seating system LOLA

Production year: 1988

LOLA Seating system LOLA is a seating system for offices and professional associations, with an exclusive and timeless design, covering all functional areas and incorporating the most advanced technology. In spite of the demanding and complex regulations and quality control standards that this type of furniture is subject to, this design has resulted in a sensual piece of furniture in which the relationship of the object with the human body takes on a great deal of significance. This comes in addition to the incorporation of advanced technology, the use of high quality raw materials along with the in-depth research that has been carried out into ergonomics. Although aimed principally at the office market, this is a chair that could also be used in a domestic context. The pattern that defines the entire series is the secretary?s chair. This is due to the significant number of tasks that should be possible to carry out from the chair, in addition to the many hours that have to be spent sitting in the chair. Its backrest is completely ergonomic, giving good support to the back, and it has a mechanism that synchronises seat and backrest movements. Both parts are formed by a double single-shell structure in laminated beech wood and covered in flexible moulded polyurethane foam. Armrests and stand are in moulded aluminium alloy. LOLA incorporates a gas cylinder in its elevation mechanism and an optional reclining unit. It also has self-braking castors and sliding caps manufactured in thermoplastic resins. Intended to break away from the seriousness that characterises office furniture, the armrests have been given a sculpted air, opting for the use of curved as well as smooth design lines. These pieces are produced in cast aluminium alloy. Different versions of LOLA are available: with a low or high backrest, with and without armrests and all of these models are available with castors. LOLITA is the confident version, which in other words means that is has four legs, without castors and with armrests in cast aluminium. In terms of upholstery the entire series is available in an extensive range of textiles and colours. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 1988 Year of production: 1989 www.oken.es

Seating system LOLA Seating system LOLA Seating system LOLA