Armchair POLE

Production year: 2003

POLE Armchair. The POLE chair is a new product based on three fundamental principles: ergonomics, economy and sustainability. POLE is made from polypropylene and anodized aluminium. Its sinuous and loveable shape invites you to sit down, and is based on strict ergonomic principles. Polypropylene forms the main structure of the chair, via joints that form the nexus between the legs and the seat. Its warm texture makes it more comfortable, and at the same time improves the quality of the product through its resistance to tears. The sustainability of this chair is based on its aluminium feet, which are directly pressure-fitted into the polypropylene section, and both materials are easily recyclable. This system of joins was possible as a result of the numerous investigations that have been performed by our company, which is a pioneer in the application of this technology. After a careful study and development of the seat´s shape by Josep Lluscà, exact quantities of material have been used to manufacture the POLE chair, thereby keeping the weight down (?kg). The absence of welds and screws also helps reduce production costs, allowing a very competitive product to be launched onto the market. The POLE was designed specially for outdoor spaces, using aluminium and polypropylene, which are both highly resistant to atmospheric conditions, in particular to ultra-violet rays that would otherwise lead to discoloration of the seat. The designer has also added a water drainage system specific to the chair´s outdoor use, to prevent the accumulation of rain water in the seat and to speed up drying. All these factors make this product easy to maintain, and it is available in a wide range of colours. Although this is an armchair, the POLE is stackable (? units). The shape of the feet and the size of the holes in the arms are designed for stacking, whereby the chairs lean slightly backwards, retaining their centre of gravity without falling forwards. The POLE is designed to make those moments of relaxation more comfortable, while ensuring the durability of the product, the sustainability of the planet, and an improved quality of life for its users. Produced by: Resol Year of design: 2003 Year de producción: 2004 www.resol.es. Design: Josep LLuscà.

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