Seating system VIP SYSTEM

Production year: 2001

VIP SYSTEM. Seating programme for the setting up of interiors specifically designed for waiting and rest areas, meeting rooms, VIP lounges at train stations and airport terminals, entrance and reception halls in public or corporate buildings, hotels and other locations. This system is the perfect complement for those locations specifically conceived to meet the characteristics of large public transit and movement areas requiring seats of tested strength against ongoing use and misuse. The VIP SYSTEM is always based on individual seats, never continuous, which clearly delimit each personal space, although they can also be installed as individual chairs or arranged in 2, 3, 4 or 5 seat benches. Installations of two or more seats, fitted with end arms, can also be fitted with intermediate arms and end or intermediate tables at an appropriate height for work. All these features provide the ensemble with a functional and innovative image. The seats themselves are made of warped plywood finished with natural wood or with a highly resistant melamine coating featuring a large variety of finishes and colours. We offer two different types of upholstered seat. One features a wooden board on the rear side and padding (foam and upholstery) on the front. The second type has the same style of frontal padding but with the rear wooden board also upholstered. The different finishes of seats enable our system to be easily and fully integrated in all kinds of locations and environments. Moreover, OKEN offers, apart from all types of natural wood and melamine coatings, all the possibilities of its upholstering range. The portable structure of the system is made of a rectangular steel tube with aluminium finish. This tube rests on adjustable levellers and enables the assembly of back to back benches, while the auxiliary tables are made with highly resistant compact materials. The outline of the seat meets and exceeds all the standards of comfort and ergonomics corresponding to waiting areas as those mentioned above. The structure?s sober and solid lines meet all requirements for constructive optimisation, lending character and style to the whole. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2001 www.oken.es. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

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