Muebles Dul

Table NUDO

Production year: 1989

NUDO Table NUDO is a table with removable solid wood legs which can be easily coupled to different tabletops in a variety of forms and sizes. The design concept was based on the study of certain natural vegetable forms, with the knot making reference to the area where the branches of a tree are joined to the trunk. In NUDO, the legs are clearly over-sized in the area where the tabletops are fitted to the table structure. This improves the table?s strength, copying the way that branches make contact with the ?knot? of the trunk, whereas they become narrower towards the bottom where such large dimensions are not required. Once the table is assembled, the legs spread out more at the bottom, through triangulation, to improve their resistance to the folding effect that tables are subject to. NUDO has a carefully crafted artisan appearance, although in reality all of its components are mass produced using the most advanced automatic copying technology incorporating digital milling equipment. NUDO is manufactured in solid beech wood, with a natural white, dark mahogany or black finish. Produced by: Muebles Dul Year of design: 1989 Year of production: 1989

Table NUDO Table NUDO