Muebles Dul

Furniture system RANDA

Production year: 1988

RANDA Furniture system The RANDA system is made up of a series of combinable pieces of furniture, shelving systems and unique elements such as a drinks-cabinet and a television or sound system stand. Each one of the modules is available in different measurements and fronts and include doors, drawers, display cabinets or recesses in addition to the different combinations that can be created using these elements. All the volumes are constructed with flat mitre-joined panels using detachable fixtures and are produced entirely in solid wood. The metal handles are produced in moulded stainless steel and finished in black graphite. The doors in this series have sophisticated hinges which make it possible to open the doors smoothly and fully, while the drawer runners slide on extruded profiles in anodised aluminium. Both the drawers as well as the removable bins use high quality concealed metal track runners to achieve precision functioning. In addition to its versatility in terms of functions, RANDA offers the possibility of several finishes: natural mahogany, black lacquered open pore oak and oak stained in a walnut hue. Produced by: Muebles Dul Year of design: 1988 Year of production: 1989

Furniture system RANDA Furniture system RANDA Furniture system RANDA