Aderb Gual

Combinable furniture QUARE

Production year: 1989

QUARE Combinable furniture QUARE is a series of combinable furniture made up of different-sized units which respond to different functional needs. It has unique elements such as a unit specifically designed as a television stand, a stand for sound systems, various storage containers for records, cassettes, compact discs, a filing cabinet, a display cabinet, a drinks-cabinet or a drinks bar. There is also a round revolving stand for speakers or a portable TV, etc... All of these elements are assembled on a customisable modular base which makes it possible to leave empty spaces in the customised design. Both the drawers as well as the removable bins or trays run on a metal track system and the module for the television set differs from the other modules as it has a bureau or writing desk style roll-top. The surface of the tabletop, the plinth and the side panels are in a textured paint finish and the front panels (doors and drawers) are veneered in maple wood. The metal handles of the series are produced in moulded stainless steel. Produced by: Aderb Gual Year of design: 1989 Year of production: 1990

Combinable furniture QUARE Combinable furniture QUARE Combinable furniture QUARE