Production year: 2007

TEATRO Seat. In terms of its formal design, the Teatro seat achieves an outstanding balance between construction, size, materials and finishes. This successful combination of different factors has created an extremely versatile and adaptable product that makes it suitable for installation in theatres, auditoriums, conference or assembly halls, small press centres, projection rooms and multi-function rooms for companies, public bodies and the banking sector. The aesthetic looks and an image dominated by clean bold lines are a perfect match for the pure ergonomic design and superior comfort incorporating warm, high-quality materials in contrast with the plastic used for traditional mass-produced cinema seating. Thanks to a great combination of upholstery and wood and pleasingly clear and emphatic lines, an endless choice of finishes is possible, making this seat ideal for use in a wide range of applications from top-class interiors to more functional and practical surroundings. The back support and arm rests are made of 12 mm beech ply finished in natural oak composite with a fire-resistant varnish. The fire-resistant polyurethane foam rear cushion is mounted on a wooden panel and is fitted to the chair back; it can be replaced if necessary. The seat consists of an internal steel structure covered with fire-resistant polyurethane foam and removable upholstery. It incorporates an automatic, maintenance-free return mechanism located inside the arm rests. The arm rests have an internal MDF support which is covered in fire-resistant polyurethane foam and upholstery. With the exception of those seats at the end of a row, the arm rests are shared between adjacent seats. The entire upper section is mounted on a single metal stand for easier cleaning of the room. The stand itself can be supplied to fit floor gradients of between 0 and 10 degrees. Teatro seating can be installed in straight lines or in curves with a minimum radius of 10 metres. It can be combined perfectly with the AP1 desk to create an ideal solution for conference halls or training centres. The Teatro has been designed to allow for a choice of finishes and customised installations to meet the needs of each customer. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 2007 Year of production: 2007 www.oken.es. designed by Josep LLuscà.