Chaise-longue FAVENTIA

Production year: 1991

FAVENTIA Chaise-longue After confirming that the chaise-longue has evolved very little since its inception, we undertook an exercise that would not simply be confined to the inescapable expression of form, but which would contribute innovative solutions in functional aspects, in its relationship with other pieces of contemporary furniture and its construction and subsequent commercialisation. Due to the reduced proportions of modern-day homes, the FAVENTIA had to be capable of replacing the traditional sofa. The proposal in this sense is for a chaise-longue that can be easily and quickly converted into a three-seater sofa, by means of a gas cylinder and sliding roller system used to recline the backrest whenever required. Functionally, besides the adjustable reclining function of the backrest, the chaise-longue follows the ergonomic design lines of office furniture. In other words, this means that it provides comfort through carefully designed curves and sloped surfaces, which are complemented with calculated firmnesses in the foam filling. Taking all of these aspects into consideration, a very up-to-date piece of furniture has obtained which responds to what until now we have expected separately from a sofa, a recliner and a chaise-longue. Technically, FAVENTIA is made up of an internal steel structure, flexible moulded polyurethane foam, fabric or leather upholstery, sliding chrome rollers and a base board in solid wood with slip-proof floor caps on the base. The hinge-mechanism between the seat and backrest, adjusted by a hidden gas cylinder, is operated manually. The simple assembly of the main pieces makes assembly, transport and storage in general easier, and has been intended to assure a more rationalised mass production and commercialisation. The chaise-longue was named FAVENTIA as this was part of the name used by the Ancient Romans to refer to Barcelona. Produced by: Oken (European Design Award 1997) Year of design: 1991 Year of production: 1991 Awards: ID Award in Furniture, 1993 (ID Magazine Annual Design Review. New York, USA) www.oken.es

Chaise-longue FAVENTIA Chaise-longue FAVENTIA