Seating system IROQUA

Production year: 1991

IROQUA Seating system A seating system that can be taken apart, this design has been conceived for use both in homes as well as in large and small waiting areas in offices, banks, hotels and all kinds of business premises. IROQUA represents a unique type of furniture given that the different pieces that make up the collection are constructed based on four basic frames: a rectangular frame that forms the base of the seat, and another three frames in a cambered profile which are the corresponding backrest and armrests. All of these frames have a metal structure covered in moulded polyurethane foam. Each one of the parts is joined to the rest of the unit through a series of double connectors in chrome plated stainless steel which combine perfectly with all types of upholstery. The legs are in painted cast aluminium. Using these basic elements, three different models can be put together: armchair, two and three-seater sofa; in addition to variations with low, medium and high backrest with headrests. The IROQUA series takes comfort as a principle concept and uses it as the base for shaping its forms, based on ergonomic studies which are already being applied in the office world, in the car industry or in commercial aviation. A simple assembly system demonstrates the autonomy of forms and structures of each of these elements. The fact that the parts do not come into close contact with each other, but rather are slightly separated, means that there is no possibility of there being corners that would inevitably gather dust, which is normally the case with sofas. In the same way, this easy assembly process makes it possible to conveniently store and transport pieces, which in turn helps enormously in exporting this design. Produced by: Perobell Year of design: 1991 Year of production: 1991

Seating system IROQUA Seating system IROQUA Seating system IROQUA Seating system IROQUA