Chair EINA

Production year: 1994

EINA by ENEATo describe a chair as an item that permits a multitude of applications comes as nothing new. However, it is a novelty to say that versatility constitutes its fundamental essence. This is the case with EINA, a very sturdy chair that has been designed, from its very conception, to resolve the most varied of requirements. This ranges from the requirements presented by professional associations (auditorium, schools, colleges, universities, hotels and restaurants, etc..) to the requirements of domestic users, even including office use requirements. EINA brings together a series of virtues and accessories which enable this seating system to be directly applied in complete simplicity and comfort. A serene but personal image with carefully designed ergonomics brings a finishing touch of high quality to this product. The backrest and seat of this chair are made up of two surfaces, produced in moulded polypropylene, in a slightly curved trapezoidal form profiling the contours of the body. The structure of the legs is in painted, polished or chrome plated tubular steel, according to requirements, and the armrests and coupling fixtures are in moulded aluminium. The simplicity of the coupling fixtures makes it possible to assemble and dismantle the chairs easily, even when these are joined together to form rows. If necessary, EINA can be complemented by incorporating a folding writing tablet into any of the armrests, in synthetic materials, which can be used as a ?table? to write on or support text books or notebooks. EINA is stackable in all its versions (with and without armrests) even with the incorporated writing tablet. In its version without armrests, it provides easy access to the front of work surfaces. There is also a bench version as well as an office chair with a central stand and castors. In terms of finishings, you can choose from among the extensive range of colours available in polypropylene or from a variety of upholstering possibilities. Produced by: Eredu Year of design: 1994 Year of production: 1995 www.eneacontract.es

Chair EINA Chair EINA Chair EINA Chair EINA Chair EINA