Norma Europ


Production year: 1972

PROLONGUE Sofa PROLONGUE is a modular seating system designed to satisfy almost all types of seating requirements. The system consists basically of three elements: seat, backrest and armrest, which, fitted on a quadrangular structure can form a wide variety of combinations. These range from the most conventional structures such as couches that fit completely into a lift and can be transported by just one person, to beds, footstools, chaise-longue or the most complex and diverse units for use in professional environments such as in hotel lobbies, airports, waiting areas, etc? One of the most important novelties presented by PROLONGUE is that an armrest or the backrest can be shared by two seats, thus simplifying assembly. The dimensions of the modules have been designed taking ergonomic aspects into consideration along with the capacity of the flexible polyurethane foam, which the modules are made of, to adapt to the contours of the human body. This foam is moulded on top of another more rigid foam which acts as a frame-like structure and controls the shape that the foam should take on, leaving, however, the foam?s possibility to adapt to different postures. Although the backrest may look low-set, when in use it is raised by approximately ten centimetres, bringing it to the correct ergonomic height. A certain level of firmness and the fast form-recovery properties, which characterises polyurethane foam, make it extremely suitable for use in professional environments where there is a very high frequency of use. PROLONGUE is complemented with two additional modules: a table and a flower box. The design can be adapted by adding doors to convert it into a bar and changing the slope of these doors, the bar can in turn be transformed into a magazine rack. This module can be positioned between two or more seats or at an angle, and it fits on to a supporting structure that can be used to bring it closer to the seating depending on the needs of the user. All of the modules can be joined together by means of horizontal bars and an ABS clamp. These bars also form the support where the armrests or the backrest are inserted, and these can be added, removed or change to suit requirements. The seating module is equipped with caps which rotate when the armchair is reclined slightly, making it easier to transport the chair. The table has a steel rod structure with a heat-shaped particle-board-core plywood tabletop, covered in fire-proof and scuff resistant melamine resins. Produced by: Norma Europ Year of design: 1972 Year of production: 1973