Combinable bench CONTINUO

Production year: 1979

CONTINUO Combinable bench In collaboration with Ramón Benedito, we have created a combinable bench seating system for outdoor use based on the bench designed by Antonio Gaudí in Park Güell, and which is made up of three basic elements: straight, concave and convex. These three elements make it possible to arrange seating areas that cover users? varying requirements in terms of social interaction with each other. The cross-section of this design responds to ergonomic criteria and is the result of a commitment to comfort and minimum dimensions. Each element of the MODULAR design is made up of an anatomical profile in the seating area and a vertical section in the rear part. In the case of the straight module this permits a backrest in addition to the side coupling, forming in this way seats with two sloping surfaces. Water run-off is achieved as a result of a groove in the join between the backrest and seat. Produced by: Escofet Year of design: 1979 Year of production: 1980

Combinable bench CONTINUO Combinable bench CONTINUO