Office furniture ENTROPIA

Production year: 1995

ENTROPIA Office furniture system The ENTROPÍA system has been designed based on the need to adapt office and studio space to changing work environments. From the demands that this need generates, we have created a simple though customised system that is both functional and ergonomic - as well as being adaptable and comfortable ? and at a very competitive price. This is a very open system which can be used to adapt to changes by making minor alterations to the units. One of the main characteristics of ENTROPÍA is its flexibility. Adjustable height legs (from 68 to 82 cm) which can be fitted to the structure in a variety of ways; new work surfaces in the most appropriate ergonomic forms and dimensions, with finishes and combination options to make different functions and adaptations easier; very light front piece and dividing panels with an upholstery option; a variety of additional desk accessories to free up space on the work surface, such as shelves, pencil holders, document holders or racks; self-standing drawer units; optional and extremely functional electrical cable channelling are elements which help to cover all the work needs for individual work, group work, meetings, conferences, executive areas, etc? The system is manufactured in natural or stratified wood and the legs are in several different materials. As a result, ENTROPÍA is an alternative system due to its clarity, conception, simplicity and convenience; characteristics which endeavour to bring order to chaos and forge new working relationships at the same time as providing a suitable and customised framework for each individual user. Produced by: Perfil Madera S.A. Year of design: 1995 Year of production: 1995 Awards: Best of Neocon, 1998 , Neocon Fair, Chicago, Ost - AEPD Design Award, 1998. Spanish Association of Professional Designers, Madrid.

Office furniture ENTROPIA Office furniture ENTROPIA Office furniture ENTROPIA Office furniture ENTROPIA