Panelling system OPEN-SPACE

Production year: 1996

OPEN SPACE Panelling system. The changes that have taken place in recent years, in terms of how the work spaces are organised, have also had a repercussion on the design of office furniture. The OPEN SPACE panelling system has been conceived as a way to create simple, functional and elegant work environments. OPEN SPACE offers flexibility in all aspects: it makes it possible to distribute space depending on the needs of the user at any given moment and also enables work stations to be opened or closed. In terms of dimensions and materials (aluminium profiles with transparent or translucent glass), the combinations offered by the system are many and as it deals with upholstered panels, the range of colours that can be used is very broad. Everything in OPEN SPACE has been designed to give work environments a personality of their own. By means of a simple system of knots or hinges, the panels which do not incorporate any type of anchoring system to secure them to the floor, as they are self-standing can be positioned wherever and however required. The different heights (from 105 to 165 cm), widths (from 60 to 160 cm), and various coupling fixtures which enable the design to be opened up to different degrees, makes it easy to provide a solution for each type of work space. This way, it is possible to construct anything from a reception area right up to an entire office. The panels incorporate guide rails at the top, into which a pane of glass or metal panel can be inserted to raise the overall height and provide increased privacy. Various accessories can also be inserted, including glass or metal shelves, metal coat hangers or even lighting fixtures. The OPEN SPACE design integrates and expands on the aesthetic and constructive possibilities of the Entropía series, forming an office environment that offers the best solution for furnishing diverse work spaces. Produced by: Perfil Madera S.A. Year of design: 1996 Year of production: 2000 designed by Josep LLuscà.

Panelling system OPEN-SPACE Panelling system OPEN-SPACE