ALOE Chair

Production year: 1997

ALOE Seating system. A stackable chair with and without armrests, which can be arranged in a variety of combinations, with the possibility of incorporating a writing tablet. ALOE has been designed to be used both in public spaces (offices, conference halls, schools, airports, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, etc...) as well as for use in private homes. The structure of the chair is in elliptical section tubular black steel, in aluminium or chrome colour. The seat and backrest are made up of a single-section piece in laminated beech wood and shaped by means of a heat pressure process, and can be upholstered in either fabric or leather. The ?Ala? model has been taken as a point of reference in the design of the ALOE bench. The etymological development of the name has come about in parallel to the development of the product?s forms. In this case, the comfort and ergonomic design of ALOE, with all the possibilities that it offers in terms of image and applications, are accompanied very effectively by some of the components taken from the ?Ala? seating system. ALOE has borrowed from this system the structure that joins the seats together, which is, in other words, a steel bar with support brackets and highly polished aluminium legs. As a result, the design provides all the functional guarantees and versatility of ?Ala?. The low bench can be assembled in straight rows as well as in corner unit or ?L? formations. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 1997 Year of production: 1997 www.oken.es

ALOE Chair ALOE Chair ALOE Chair ALOE Chair ALOE Chair