Ciatti S.P.A

Table AUCA

Production year: 1993

AUCA Table The AUCA table project has been based more on producing a table leg design than on the table itself. This is a table leg that can be adapted to different surfaces and which has a precisely designed and researched coupling system that avoids crossbars or bracing, eliminating as a result all the elements that are not in-keeping with the idea of modular versatility. AUCA is made up of a leg with a knot-base coupling system in moulded aluminium and a heavy-duty textured finish in curved and lacquered tubular steel. In this design the knot has been accentuated and reinforced, in accordance with strict requirements from the manufacturer, at the same time as providing maximum stability between the leg and the floor. We should point out that the leg used in the AUCA design can be fitted to tabletops in a variety of materials and formats. Produced by: Ciatti Year of design: 1993 Year of production: 1993

Table AUCA Table AUCA