Seating system DELTA PLUS

Production year: 2010

DELTA PLUS by Figueras is a chair specifically designed for multi-purpose halls, and which is particularly suitable for use in conference halls. This traditional model offers the qualities required by this type of versatile, group seating.  
The key feature of this chair is its tip-up seat system.

Designed by Josep LLuscà, this mechanism, which is a standard feature of this model, ensures that the seat remains folded when not in use. The advantage of this is that users will always be able to move freely between rows, with the increased comfort and safety that this implies. Due to this feature, the venue’s capacity can be increased by up to 15%, without reducing user safety or comfort. The seat can be anchored into its natural position, as required by the user, allowing the chair to be used for other purposes such as in dining rooms, meeting rooms, etc.  

This is a chair with armrests. The seat and backrest come in separate parts, manufactured from injected polypropylene and upholstered in natural leather, vinyl or fabric. This means that the position of the backrest does not depend on that of the seat and that, as such, the chair provides optimal support for the back. Painted steel armrest and leg structure. Aluminium backrest anchor support.  
The chair is stackable when the seat is in place. A sturdy linking system that allows straight rows to be formed is a standard feature. The metallic structures of this series are manufactured in metallic grey or black paint. Optional row and seat numbering system.  
 Fire response: this product complies with international regulations.

Seating system DELTA PLUS Seating system DELTA PLUS Seating system DELTA PLUS