Amik Chair

Production year: 2021

The Amik seat, designed by Llusca Design, is a high-performance multi-purpose seat specially designed for stadiums, arenas and sports facilities, meeting the requirements of FIFA and other international sports federations.

Although its design is slimmer than most similar seats on the market, Amik offers a very robust design and increased comfort. Made of injection-moulded copolymer, it is treated to prevent scratches and dirt build-up, making it a maintenance-free seat.  

Its design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor version is treated with additives for UV protection and colour stabilisation, ensuring a long-lasting product.

The numbering can be added to the top of the backrest by means of a plate that can be placed either on the back or on the front for better visibility. Optionally, a club or entity crest can be added during the manufacturing process for a permanent result. 

The shell can be fixed directly to the stand, rise mounted or on a bar with a foot to the ground, depending on the characteristics of the venue. 

  • It allows different types of anchoring: direct to the stand, rise mounted or on a beam with a foot to the ground.
  • Long-lasting seat, maintenance free.
  • Numbering can be placed in the backrest to optimum visibility.
  • Fully rectangular rear geometry and minimization of the gap between seats.
  • It can be personalized with the club logo.
  • It complies with the standards recommended by FIFA and other international sports federations.
  • Reaction to fire: this product complies with international standards.
Amik Chair Amik Chair Amik Chair Amik Chair