Chair TALK

Production year: 2001

The TALK chair by ENEA is the result of intense research and development and the search for materials to suit user needs. The TALK chair is designed to overcome the usual problems experienced with chairs both in the home and in public places. Including questions of functionality, comfort, lightness, durability, stacking, production and price. The TALK chair has simple lines, with a padded seat and back that invite the user to enjoy its comfort. The manufacturing processes include high technology construction systems with special attention to moulding and forms, enabling us to offer a high quality product with a choice of finishes and competitive price. All versions of the TALK Chair are stackable, including models that link to form rows. A tablet arm for writing can also be attached to either side, which may then be folded without affecting stackability. The seat and back form a continuous piece and can be upholstered or plain. The design is especially light, owing to the use of materials such as polypropylene for the seat and back, and aluminium for the arm rests, while the frame and legs are made of steel. The TALK chair comes with or without armrests; there is an office model with wheels, and other models with none. Ecology played an important role in the design and manufacture of the TALK chair, and all the materials used are recyclable. The chair can be easily taken apart thanks to the system of screws used. Produced by: Eredu Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2002 www.eneacontract.es

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