Office seating NEKO

Production year: 1998

The NEKO seating systems are composed of: a high or low armchair (both with and without armrests), a four-legged chair and bench. The initial idea for this project takes in, image, ecology and ergonomics. In terms of image its organic and aesthetically pleasing forms, drawing on aquatic and vegetable sources for inspiration, are complemented with interesting colour options. With the NEKO chair, everything can be moved or changed: the armrests can be adapted to accommodate different heights and widths, the height of the seat is also adjustable, the backrest can be adapted to suit the lower back (lumbar region) of each user, and thanks to the free floating system, the degree of aperture between the seat and backrest can be adjusted. The movements of the various parts have been optimised and designed in accordance with ergonomic criteria and expert medical advice in addition to the use of advanced technology. This flexibility enables NEKO to be used in any office around the world as it can adapt to very different anthropometrics. All the elements used in the composition of the product are fixed in place using screws and do not require soldering. The components recyclable polypropylene for the backrest, seats and accessories; untreated aluminium for the feet and armrests; upholstery and foam can be easily separated and recycled independently of each other. There are also versions with a fixed armrest in aluminium or integral polyurethane and for those occasions in which warmer materials are required, there is a variation with a wooden backrest or with upholstery on both sides. In the low bench version, the seat and backrest are supported by a rectangular tubular steel structure and cast aluminium legs. The lower backrest or lumbar element is fixed and armrests in integral polyurethane can be incorporated into each seat. Rows of up to five chairs can be formed and these are linked together by means of an aluminium knot-hinge which enables the construction of polygonal-form seating arrangements. Likewise, a circular table can either be fitted to the ends or between the seating. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 1998 Year of production: 1999 www.oken.es. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

Office seating NEKO Office seating NEKO Office seating NEKO