Stool COMA

Production year: 2000

COMA, produced by ENEA and designed by Josep LLuscà, is a stool that is suitable for use both in public as well as in private facilities. These stools are produced in three different heights: high (750 mm), medium (650 mm) or low (450 mm). The latter model is very versatile, as it can be used as a low chair in bathrooms, bars, discos, etc, or as an additional footrest for an armchair or recliner. The option of a backrest can be included in all versions. The structure of the stool is made up of a lacquered steel disk that acts as a base and which at the same time is soldered to a tubular cylinder, also in lacquered steel of the same colour, to which a scuff-resistant curved footrest in highly polished aluminium is attached. In the low version, this footrest piece is not included as it is completely unnecessary. In all of the models, the seat is produced in polypropylene with mineral fibres for increased durability. The stand is produced in a glossy silver grey or textured dark grey colour finish, and the seat is produced in an extensive range of colours. The name of the product, COMA, is due to the form of the seat, which is reminiscent of this simple punctuation mark, discreet but at the same time functional, characteristics which also define the product. The stool can be complemented with the PUNTO table and there is also a low bench version. Produced by: Eredu Year of design: 2000 Year of production: 2000 www.eneacontract.es

Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA Stool COMA