Production year: 2000

ALUNITA Table Following the principles of visual transparency incorporated into the ?Barra Libre? design, ALUNITA is a dining table or desk with a structure in lacquered moulded aluminium and a rectangular tabletop / desktop in natural wood, lacquered wood or glass, all of which are available in various sizes and thicknesses. The legs, in the form of inverted isosceles triangles, are joined to a cylindrical crossbar by means of a clamp system and have a metal levelling system at the ends. This makes it possible to adapt the table to the anthropometric needs of the user, in addition to giving it a light and innovative appearance. In spite of its apparent lightness ALUNITA is extremely strong and can safely hold a full computer system in the event of being used as a desk. ALUNITA owes its name both to the aluminium that is used in its structure as well as to the appearance of its legs, which are reminiscent of the space capsules used in moon landings. Produced by: Sare Year of design: 2000 Year of production: 2000 Delta Awards Selection 2003