Emergency lighting GALIA

Production year: 2007

Emergency lighting GALIA. The mandatory installation of emergency lighting units in many kinds of internal spaces means that the design of a new product for this sector is affected by two radically different aspects. On the one hand, strict standardisation and safety requirements mean that these units are a complex combination of advanced electronics and lighting features, whilst on the other, the various professionals who design and define internal spaces require easily integrated units which as far as possible go unnoticed. These two aspects have therefore been constantly evaluated during the design process for this programme, so that the GALIA programme now sets the standard in the market for basic emergency lighting units. Technically, the lighting units have been built according to specific UNE standards and the European Union Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage and RoHS EU Directives, with self-extinguishing plastic materials in accordance with UNE-EN standards. They are equipped with battery discharge protection, remote-controlled circuit standby for protection against connection errors, protection against network input electric and thermal shocks, 100% functional testing, etc. Formally, the volumetrics and range of colours of Galia are essential in order to achieve a straightforward visual dialogue and spatial integration with no stridency or conflict. The programme has all the usual functional applications: surface, wall banner and hanging banner lighting, all with the possibility of graphic application and compatible signage. Produced by: Daisalux Year of design: 2007 Year of production: 2007 www.daisalux.com. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

Emergency lighting GALIA Emergency lighting GALIA Emergency lighting GALIA