Table lamp BOLONIA

Production year: 1987

BOLONIA Table lamp BOLONIA is a table lamp with a flexible head that makes it possible to obtain two intensities of light: a general diffused light and a more direct light for reading. The body is produced in blown clear glass, the head is in chrome plated moulded aluminium and the lamp uses a 20 W low voltage dichroic halogen light bulb (12 V). In the event of the head being closed off, the light is projected towards the lamp?s interior where it is reflected. The beam of light is multiplied and reflected against the body of the beacon, which then acts as a container, and the light passes through the translucent glass, creating a more subdued lighting. When the head is opened up, this creates a spot light that can be directed wherever required. The image of those old-fashioned water bottles with a cup cap, which without losing its natural function served at the same time as the bottle?s cap, and which had the double use of being a water container and pourer, has given rise to the double function of this lamp. In this case the design has been used to contain and project light in stead of water. The BOLONIA series electrical equipment complies with international quality and safety standards. Produced by: Metalarte Year of design: 1987 Year of production: 1988

Table lamp BOLONIA Table lamp BOLONIA Table lamp BOLONIA