Ceiling lamp JOIA

Production year: 1986

JOIA Ceilling lamp JOIA is a ceiling light for domestic use which has been designed to stand out from the vast number of lights of this type produced in glass. The type of light that is produced is similar to that used by photographers in photographic studios or in operating theatres, which in other words means indirect reflected light and a lighting source that does not produce shadows. In terms of form, the panel is made up of a circular steel sheet, lacquered with reflective paint to which several small steel rods are fixed and joined by a support structure that is also in stamped steel. This piece contains the halogen lamp which in stead of illuminating downwards, as is the case in almost all other ceiling lights, this model illuminates upwards. When reflected upwards, the beam of light bounces off the metallic sheet and thanks to its reflective paint gives off a source of light without creating shadows. The electrical equipment complies with international quality and safety standards. This light has a pendant appearance and for this reason has been given the name of JOIA. Produced by: Metalarte Year of design: 1986 Year of production: 1987

Ceiling lamp JOIA Ceiling lamp JOIA