Flos Arteluce

Wall lamp SERVUL

Production year: 1994

SERVUL wall lamp, designed by Josep LLuscà, is a wall-mounted indirect halogen lamp in which every smallest detail has been taken care of. The reflector is in lacquered steel and the supporting structure is produced in solid wood. The bringing together of two very different materials such as wood and steel conveys an interest in showing that tradition and modernity are not incompatible. SERVUL is characterised by its enormously simple forms and composition. To avoid a high retail price, without loosing out on quality, we have chosen to use a conventional lamp socket. And for the lampshade we have used a 0.8 millimetre thick steel sheet, which is shaped with a single blow from the press, following which it is only necessary to trim off the excess. All of the elements and the wooden support are joined together by means of a single screw. SERVUL does not incorporate any type of cover or accessory, making ventilation and cleaning easier. The name SERVUL, is due to the fact that this lighting fixture is vaguely reminiscent of a stag?s head. And as this is an Italian product, it was decided to make use of this linguistic play on words to name the product (servul is the Catalan pronunciation for the Spanish word ciervo). Produced by: Flos-Arteluce Year of design: 1994 Year of production: 1994 www.flos.com

Wall lamp SERVUL Wall lamp SERVUL