Lighting beacons

Production year: 1994

Lighting beacons designed by Josep LLuscà for Daisalux. Beacons are an additional accessory in an emergency lighting system, whether independent or centralised. They are also used as a decorative or safety lighting features and can be used in numerous applications, providing maximum integration into surrounding architectural features. For this reason their use is appropriate both in public facilities as well as in private homes. In this case, this series of beacons is self-maintained, round in shape and customisable with an inner metal trim. It has been specifically designed for use in stairways, passageways and corridors, etc.. These beacons incorporate two LED diodes: one acts as a mains power indicator light and the other acts as a battery-recharge indicator light. In the absence of the mains power supply, the emergency beacon will come on automatically. This design is available in a variety of finishes, and the trim can be supplied in gold, graphite or stainless steel and the colour of the LED diodes can be produced in red, white, blue, green or amber. Produced by: Daisalux Year of design: 1994 Year of production: 1998 www.daisalux.com

Lighting beacons Lighting beacons