Lighting system TEKNO

Production year: 1995

Lighting system TEKNO is a highly versatile range of surface or embedded lighting, for walls or ceilings, which makes numerous applications possible in addition to offering maximum integration into surrounding architectural features. For this reason its use is appropriate both in public facilities as well as in private homes. Its size is similar to that of a light switch and it provides indirect light that can be used as background lighting or, alternatively, as a spotlight. This is not an industrial lighting range, given that its stylised design results in a final appearance in which all screws and fixtures have been completely concealed. All of the models are produced in a moulded aluminium or extruded aluminium structure, with a diffuser in textured pressed glass and with the possibility of being tinted in various colours or in white translucent polycarbonate. The mounting box is in moulded aluminium or in fire-resistant polyethylene and the asymmetrical interior reflector is in aluminium with a double cable intake. A class III IP54 degree of protection, in addition to the broad spectrum of finishes (white, chrome plated, gold, steel and anthracite grey), makes it possible to install this model in interior as well as exterior settings, using in the latter case a highly effective corrosion-resistant paint. A security device can also be incorporated in the form of a vandal-proof grille. The light bulbs that are used cover the majority of practical needs and lighting concepts: halogen and energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. The range of fluorescence is complemented with an optional lampshade, which is easy to fit and adjust and which, combined with the wall or ceiling embedded versions, extends its use to wall or floor lighting. Produced by: Blauet Year of design: 1995 Year of production: 1996

Lighting system TEKNO Lighting system TEKNO Lighting system TEKNO