Emergency lighting ARGOS

Production year: 1990

Emergency lighting ARGOS.This basic series of emergency lighting equipment represents an important qualitative leap forward in the integration of these lights into interior architectural design both in public facilities as well as in private homes. ARGOS is versatile in terms of the practical installation possibilities of its lighting fixtures (wall-mounted, embedded, wall-mounted pennant, ceiling-suspended pennants), and includes all the possible forms of anchoring and adjustment systems. As an option, texts can also be incorporated. Incandescent or fluorescent lamps can be produced and the series includes additional safety systems against total discharge as well as against incorrect installation. The ARGOS series incorporates a diffuser moulded in stabilised polycarbonate to counteract ultraviolet rays and comes with an antistatic and self-extinguishing ABS carcass. Complete testing can be carried out by remote control or via computer and the series complies fully with rigorous standardisation, installation and operating regulations. Produced by: Daisalux Year of design: 1990 Year of production: 1991 Awards: AEPD Design Award, 1995, Spanish Association of Professional Designers, Madrid. www.daisalux.com. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

Emergency lighting ARGOS Emergency lighting ARGOS Emergency lighting ARGOS