Laboratorios RTB

Packaging for liquid soap LIDA

Production year: 2001

LIDA Packaging for liquid soap designed by Josep LLuscà. LIDA is a high quality natural liquid soap with a loyal clientele. It does not require a great deal of sophistication in its packaging forms to persuade users to buy the product, given that they are already familiar with it. We were concerned with designing a new packaging with a more up-to-date feel, but at the same time giving it a lasting and timeless appearance. All of the packaging for this range was designed, including the various shower formats and the hand soap dispenser. The appearance and volumes of all of these designs reinforce the image of a high quality product, given that the materials used are transparent and as a result do not obscure the contents. Their paired-down design lines transmit an air of dependability and security, being the product itself which lends colour to the packaging, emphasising in this way the different possibilities that the range of soaps has to offer. All of the packaging is divided into two clearly differentiated parts: the transparent container, and the measuring cap in translucent white plastic which lends the bottle a suggestion of modernity. In the case of the shower soap packaging, which has an architectural feel, the cap crowning the bottle is made up of two components. The main piece is attached to the bottle via a high pressure application process and has a slot into which the second piece is affixed by means of a hinge system. This is a tab that serves to cap the opening of the bottle, and over which the brand name has also been engraved. The same cap is used for all the different size formats as the packaging has been conceived to vary only in height, depending on the capacity of the format. In terms of the measuring cap, this has very ergonomic lines which make it easier tighten the cap and avoid residues of soap building up on the outside of the bottle. Thanks to the broad facing of the packaging, it is possible to adhere two labels to the container, displaying all the product data and making it easier to identify the product on the shelf in the point of sale. Produced by: Laboratorios RTB Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2001

Packaging for liquid soap LIDA Packaging for liquid soap LIDA