Packaging for DONUTS

Production year: 2009

DONUTS by Panrico. Lluscà Design has recently collaborated with the company Panrico on the development of a new line of packaging for Donuts, its star product and market leader. The challenge posed by redesigning the packaging for such a well-known and popular product is never easy because of the different approaches and interests involved. An assessment must be made of everything, from the strict technical packaging and preservation requirements of the food sector to the functional and usage demands of the consumer, finally ending up with the determining factors of distribution and on-the-shelf presentation of a mass-market product with a well-established image. It was decided that the design proposals should significantly improve certain aspects of the traditional packaging, which did not meet either the expectations of an increasingly demanding consumer or some of the plans of the brand itself for an ambitious repositioning of the product in the 21st century. The response to all this has been provided by packaging which amounts to a significant qualitative leap for the product, consumer expectations and the brand image. From a functional point of view, transportation of the product for on the go consumption has been taken into account, and the units are also packaged individually for optimum preservation prior to consumption. The packaging of the product into a single two-unit pack as the basic sale format also offers various take-away presentation options of 4, 6, 8, or up to 12 units. These are grouped together and transported by means of a simple foldable cardboard box which perfectly performs the functions of brand image support and product communication. This basic pack is made up of two independently thermoformed and thermosealed cavities, with the product placed in a horizontal position. This solution offers significant advantages: preservation until consumption, no direct contact between the two product units and easy shelf stacking with no warping or crushing. The product continues to be kept in view of the consumer, as this is what is required of fresh products that are consumed daily, but it also offers the safety of vacuum packaging with thermosealing. The image of the new packaging undoubtedly boosts the branding and uniqueness of the product, faithfully conveying the fact that Donuts is a familiar, pleasurable product which is freshly made every day, but is now better transported, offers more consumption options and guarantees preservation through the latest packaging processes. In short, they are still the popular and well-known Donuts of old, with their different flavours and presentation options, but they now come in modern packaging to suit the new forms of fresh, daily consumption, bringing them right into the 21st century. Produced by: Panrico Year of Design: 2008 Year of Production: 2009

Packaging for DONUTS Packaging for DONUTS Packaging for DONUTS