Grupo AC Marca

Anti-moth fragrance ORION

Production year: 2003

ORION Anti-moth fragrance, designed by Josep LLuscà. An item designed as a single piece of injected plastic for mass production, very light and slatted to allow the largest possible evaporation area and very easy to hang inside a wardrobe. Its colours, its translucent materials and its dimensions suggest a subtle, non-aggressive perfume for the home, ideally shaped to be hung between delicate items of clothing. The slightly open slatting permits the evaporation that is required from the product, whilst concealing its contents in a highly efficient manner. It comes in a lightweight pack, suitable for a household product, available from mass-market outlets, and for a brand that is well known and highly regarded by the consumer. Produced by: Grupo AC Marca Year of design: 2003 Year of production: 2003

Anti-moth fragrance ORION Anti-moth fragrance ORION