We work alongside the company throughout the process of conceptualisation, creation, development, production and launch of its new products.

Our extensive professional experience enables us to offer innovative, outstanding, efficient, safe, imaginative, stimulating, technologically feasible, high added-value and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our involvement is based on four differentiated work levels:


We get directly involved with our client in the idea and concept creation process.
We aim to explore both existing and innovative courses of action, proposing new and stimulating approaches.
We will promote the study of new materials and finishes, new uses and functional features, and new values to personalise and identify future products.
The basic idea of CONCEPT & LAB is to open up new imaginative lines of action for a project, as the starting point for new perspectives and solutions.


Ideas and concepts must be shaped, and conditions and requirements established.
Our multidisciplinary analysis of projects means that we can collaborate effectively in the management of work briefings.
We collaborate in the analysis of the situation in order to draw joint conclusions on
prior requirements.


We develop everything from research into preliminary ideas to analysis and selection, the calculations necessary and the solution adopted.
We suggest solutions to concepts and imaginative ideas based on the standards we have achieved through our experience in advanced industrial design, and are fully committed to providing added value and market differentiation.
Our solutions are developed and explained using advanced technical resources and draw on our extensive experience in industrial and technological processes.
The final result will be three-dimensional models of efficient, safe, feasible, sustainable, ergonomic and comfortable products.
Once the project has been developed we will continue to work alongside you in order to supervise production until final approval of the product.


When the products resulting from projects are made available on the market, we will also be able to help you during phases that are crucial to their success and positioning.
Many of our professional collaborations have extended to range creation, graphic design for products, catalogues or other aspects of product communication.
We know how best to convey the purpose, benefits and scope of a new product.