ABB Niessen

Light switches TACTO

Production year: 2001

TACTO Light switches. The new TACTO series is Niessen´s latest range to be launched onto the market and is a good example of the excellent results that can be achieved from the collaboration between two ways of viewing the design and development process involved in creating a new product. On the one hand there is the recognised reliability and quality guarantee of the Niessen products in themselves. These products come with the backing of many years? experience, and a high level of technological capability in order to make TACTO safe and durable, making it easy to assemble and incorporating quality mechanisms. The series also offers a full range of functions, from the most common-place to innovations in terms of telecommunications or background music which enable designers to work on projects for a very wide variety of facility types. The other fundamental aspect in the TACTO design process has been contributed by Josep Lluscà. This has come as a result of the designer?s own conviction that, in terms of an object?s design, aesthetics and the seductive power of forms are factors which create long-lasting communicative links between object and user. In this sense, Josep Lluscà has confidence in the immense possibilities of simple forms as a guarantee of elegance, purity and clarity, and in their capacity to convey the ideas and inspiration that lie behind the object?s design: how it works, what benefits it will bring to users, or simply the pleasing aesthetic effect it is capable of creating. The design transmits an image of subtle elegance, striking yet sturdy, at the same time as having the technological profile of a compact, safe and reliable block. Production: ABB-Niessen Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2003 Delta Awards Selection 2003 design: Josep LLuscà.

Light switches TACTO Light switches TACTO Light switches TACTO Light switches TACTO Light switches TACTO Light switches TACTO