Fitness equipment HALLEY

Production year: 2007

Fitness equipment HALLEY by Wingroup. Once again Lluscà Design has managed to surprise us by adding Halley Fitness to its range of designs. In collaboration with Wingroup, specialist in fitness equipment and camping products, Lluscà has designed a complete range of exercise machinery for home use, guaranteed by the extensive experience of its manufacturer and optimum design, in terms of both aesthetics and the services it offers, with the designer?s distinctive seal of quality. The Halley programme offers seven different pieces of equipment that provide a solution for every possible non-professional fitness requirement. Of particular note is the way in which they allow space to be saved in the home, their easy handling and their simple design which easily blends in with the decor of any room. The programme offers four different types of exercise bikes, all with comprehensive, multifunctional programmes and computer monitoring that controls speed, distance, time, calories and pulse rate. The range also offers 16 monitored levels to control tension, as well as 16 pre-selected programmes which include cardiovascular control. The four bikes include an MP3 connection, integrated speakers and , back light screenall of which can be adjusted and are ergonomically designed. The exercise equipment complies with European standards EN 957 and RoSH. The R Bike 3.5 is a recumbent magnetic exercise bike, ideal for working all the leg muscles, helping to maintain back and lumbar muscles and, therefore, particularly recommended for the elderly. The E Bike 3.5, on the other hand, is an elliptical bike with magnetic resistance, combining the features of a bike with those of a step machine, as well as emulating arm-based ski movements, resulting in complete, low-impact exercise which does not harm the joints. The U Bike is a traditional exercise bike with magnetic resistance, offering all the advantages of leisure cycling with programmes that can be adapted to a wide range of specific requirements. In the development of the range, the D Bike 5.5 represented research and development that was in keeping with its tradition of pioneering innovations for the sector. The challenge posed by this model was to develop a piece of equipment that provides the user with a realistic riding experience, including that of riders in competition, through its aesthetic, size, ergonomics, functions and movement. This stationary bicycle represents a major advance in the form of the innovative SPM (Syncronic Pendular Movement) system, which replicates the experience of pedalling and riding a conventional bicycle. The Halley programme also offers three additional pieces of equipment: The T Mill 5.5 is an electric treadmill with motorised incline (from 0% to 12%) and a 2.25 HP continuous motor. It includes a back light screen, MP3 reader and a computer to measure speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and a scanning function, as well as 12 pre-selected programmes and an emergency stop button. This treadmill can easily be folded away, and complies with European standards EN 957, LVD and RoSH. The S Step is a step machine which reproduces the activity of climbing stairs, toning the waist, gluteal muscles, hips and thighs, as well as helping to improve strength and cardiovascular condition. Easily stored, the S Step includes a computer which indicates speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and a counter that shows the number of reps. per minute. This step machine complies with European standards EN 957 and RoSH. The programme is rounded off with theH Gym 3.5, an authentic fitness centre that offers the possibility of carrying out 30 different exercises. Its 45 kg of weights offer resistance of up to 100 kg, and it includes a long and short bar for arm exercise, two positions for chest exercises, an adjustable curl bar for the legs, a three-part butterfly and back support, and a comfortable seat, all of which are fully adjustable. This step machine complies with European standards EN 957 and RoSH. Produced by: Wingroup Year of design: 2004 Year of production: 2007

Fitness equipment HALLEY Fitness equipment HALLEY Fitness equipment HALLEY Fitness equipment HALLEY Fitness equipment HALLEY