Writting collection NAKED

Production year: 2007

NAKED The inclusion of the Naked range in the catalogue of a Catalan multinational such as Inoxcrom is of great significance for three reasons. Firstly, it has meant the inclusion of the range among the firm´s most exclusive products, but with a change in direction in terms of style and form: Naked´s design has made a radical departure from ornamental and decorative references, which are characteristic of high-end products. The focus of this design is on elegance and sobriety, even classicism, devoid of ties to fashion and based on very rigorous layouts in a quest for the basic and essential elements of forms associated with function. The design process has moved towards this balance between form and function, while at the same time highlighting the important and essential aspects of an object in light of unnecessary and superfluous details, to obtain a refinement in lines and volume of great simplicity and purity that remove superfluous elements from the object to highlight its basic elements. Secondly, Naked has also sought to represent the technological and production excellence of the firm at its best, drawing on a extensive and successful industrial history that dates back more than 60 years. Thus, the four components of the range (ballpoint pens, quills, rollers and pencil holders) have attained the standards of the world?s leading players in the sector in terms of basic materials and their transformation, finish, commercial presentation, guarantees and product reliability. Finally, the consolidation and excellence of Naked have come together in the recent transformation from the traditional Inoxcrom to become the new and restructured brand IXC Barcelona. Produced by: Inoxcrom Year of design: 2007 Year of production: 2007

Writting collection NAKED Writting collection NAKED Writting collection NAKED Writting collection NAKED Writting collection NAKED