ABB Niessen

Light switches ZENIT

Production year: 2008

ZENIT Light switches The latest collaboration between Niessen and Josep Lluscà has once again reaffirmed that the efforts of a company in its R&D&I should fundamentally be aimed at achieving a perfect combination of the contributions of each partner in the collaboration. Niessen?s widely acknowledged position of leadership in terms of reliability, quality, safety and the technological level of its mechanisms has thus been combined with optimum results, and the conviction always held by Josep Lluscà that the design of objects close to people, their aesthetics and the seductive power of their shapes, are factors which create strong and lasting communicative links with the user. The development of Zenit has therefore been undertaken in the confidence that simple and essential shapes have long been a guarantee of elegance, purity and clarity, with their ability to convey the concept created by the object and the benefits it offers us, and their ability to pass on the aesthetic pleasure provided by well-designed objects. Zenit offers an exceptionally wide range of functions which will enable the consumer to plan any kind of installation, confident in the knowledge that it has been manufactured by the market leader, fulfils the communicative requirements, offers a broad and versatile capacity for integration into spaces and has the best ergonomic standards of usability and assembly. Produced by: ABB Niessen Year of design: 2008 Year of production: 2008

Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT Light switches ZENIT