Portable refrigerators

Production year: 1998

Portable refrigerators The design of a collection of portable refrigerators for outdoor use should be able to combine very different aspects which will in the end shape the collection. Moulded plastic as a base material and the insulating foam in the double wall cavity of the body shell, make it possible to offer very competitive prices and light construction solutions without using additional materials to join the parts together. This is a plastic which also makes it possible to obtain attractive rounded forms and at the same time a light and strong body shell, all of which are much sought-after characteristics in a product that has to be easy to transport, use, clean and store away. The fold-down handle provides an additional means of carrying the refrigerator and integrates into the body shell when not in use. These refrigerators are produced in various sizes and finishes which makes them a versatile and practical option. Produced by: Resol Year of design: 1998 Year of production: 1999 www.resol.es

Portable refrigerators Portable refrigerators Portable refrigerators