Fitness equipment HALLEY FITNESS

Production year: 2010

HALLEY. The WINGROUP firm, belonging to the industrial group of Mondragón Corporation, trusted one more time in LLUSCÀDESIGN for the design of his new fitness equipment. On such an occasion new innovative models have been incorporated to the HALLEY FITNESS gamma with up-right and elliptical bicycles. The computer with tactile screen and inclination regulation, the system of energy self generation which frees the equipment from all sorts of uncomfortable electrical cables and the system of electromagnetic breaking which allows a precise regulation of charge are all innovations assuring an intensive exercise, soft and extremely balanced. The presentation of such models took place in the recent International Fair ISPO 2010 in Munich. Produced by: Wingroup Year of design: 2009 Year of production: 2010

Fitness equipment HALLEY FITNESS Fitness equipment HALLEY FITNESS Fitness equipment HALLEY FITNESS