Pressure cooker SPEED

Production year: 2005

SPEED by Isogona BRA is the latest model of pressure cooker to be included in the Isogona-Bra group catalogue, which automatically meets all rigorous, internationally recognised technical and safety standards, by virtue of the group?s broad range of experience. The quality of 18/10 stainless steel and high-resistance polyamide is combined with rigorous manufacture processes, the cooker?s triple security system, and a triple thermo-diffuser base designed for all types of cooking. Using cutting-edge manufacture and performance technologies, the product?s added value involves vital factors, such as the way all the control mechanisms are integrated in the handle, the ergonomics of the handle itself for handling the cooker, and the very easy way the cooker can be used for different types of cooking. We provide traditional, long handles and a radial bayonet closure system because the market has rejected complex closure systems and short, novelty handles that are difficult to use. Once again, it has been shown that, in the kitchen, users value safety, simplicity and ergonomics above clichéd designs associated with trendy innovation and fashion. Produced by: Isogona-Bra Year of design: 2005 Year of production: 2006

Pressure cooker SPEED Pressure cooker SPEED