Seating system ALA

Production year: 1993

ALA is a seating system especially designed for use in interior as well as exterior public spaces. The system is made up of a series of independent seats manufactured in 3 mm thick polished steel sheets, with square perforations and thermo-lacquered in epoxy resin. A steel bar structure joins the seats together and all the supports and legs are in highly polished aluminium. ALA represents a series of elements which provides an endless number of possible combinations, responding to the most varied requirements. In search of maximum functionality for the series, a type of support was designed that would make it possible to use three different legs and changing only this part, in addition to incorporating or removing the backrest, to easily create the low bench, the bench and the footstool. There are also three types of backrest: high, low and high with an incorporated headrest, and armrests can also be included in all of the options. If you add various accessories, such as side tables or tables placed between seating, footrests or a wide variety of upholstery materials  which include weatherproof materials the possibilities in terms of use and image increase considerably. Both the seat as well as the backrest are covered in a flexible polyurethane cushioning, in various thicknesses depending on the version - normal or comfort - which can also be upholstered. The materials used and the system for anchoring the seats to the ground have been especially designed and chosen to be able to stand up to outdoor weather conditions. They are also low maintenance and resolve other problems associated with furniture design for public spaces such as airports, train stations or receptions and waiting room areas. In 1997 ALA appeared in its beech wood version, increasing its already extraordinary combination possibilities. To the three types of backrest which are used to produce the high, low and relax bench, there is also the possibility of incorporating armrests between seating or even end-piece armrests. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 1993 Year of production: 1993 Awards: ID Honourable Mention in Furniture, 1998 (ID Magazine, Annual Design Review. New York, USA) www.oken.es. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

Seating system ALA Seating system ALA Seating system ALA Seating system ALA Seating system ALA Seating system ALA