Production year: 1995

SILLA Chair SILLA is a stackable chair with or without armrests, light but with self-confidence. It is suitable for use both in professional associations as well as in domestic environments. An extraordinary degree of attention has been focussed on the functional, productive and constructive aspects as well as on the aspects of form. The legs and structure are in moulded aluminium, in a natural polished version or lacquered metallic grey. The seat and the backrest, in rounded forms, are produced in polypropylene, a material which provides a certain degree of elasticity. In SILLA, technology and ergonomics have been used as a pretext and justification for curved, strong and expressive forms which adapt perfectly to the anatomical contours of the human form. The latest technology, aluminium and high pressure moulded polypropylene (both of these materials being 100% recyclable), lend this chair exceptional ergonomic characteristics which are normally reserved for products targeted at highly demanding markets in which safety, comfort and strength should be an absolute priority. The great novelty provided by this design has been the use of 6 mm thick polypropylene in its manufacture, without making the product excessively expensive. Until now, this material has been used in thickness of between 3 and 4 mm, which resulted in chairs in which the veins were clearly visible and which as a result could not be considered to be top of the range products. SILLA is manufactured in a broad range of colours and upholstered in leather. Produced by: Driade Year of design: 1991 Year of production: 1992 www.driade.it