Tennis umpire's chair JJOO'92

Production year: 1991

JJOO'92 Tennis umpire's chair This referee and tennis umpire's chair was designed for the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. In honour of this occasion it had to be an emblematic, innovative and strictly functional object with a great deal of expressiveness of form. This is a product which has clearly been designed with the user in mind. The chair is produced in a stainless steel structure, with the seat, backrest and writing tablet-desk in polyester and carbon fibre. For the seat and backrest, highly ergonomic forms similar to those of the BCN chair have been used. This chair is accessed from the rear which enables the umpire to face the court as he climbs into the chair, retaining the dignity, authority and elegance that is required of his role. As this is an off-centre rotating chair, it enables the user to easily and quickly take up his or her position without having to change the position of the writing tablet-desk. The sloping column is manufactured from a ribbed polyester sheet, with the actual steps in aluminium. Positioning the steps at the rear means that the umpire can come down from the chair quickly, following up on conflictive play from the moment this takes place until an in situ decision is given - without missing any of the match. Produced by: Astral Year of design: 1991 Year of production: 1992 Awards: ID Award in Furniture 1993 ID MAGAZINE Annual Design Review New York, USA Honourable Mention Alan, 1993. Elmia Skan Aluminium y Fundación Suma de Diseño Industrial, Suecia

Tennis umpire's chair JJOO'92 Tennis umpire's chair JJOO'92 Tennis umpire's chair JJOO'92 Tennis umpire's chair JJOO'92