Seating system RAIL

Production year: 2001

RAIL, a seating system for use in professional environments, especially suitable for waiting room areas exposed to a lot of traffic, both indoor as well as outdoor, in airports, train or bus stations, etc, where basically proven resistance to wear and tear from continued use is required, in addition to the ability to withstand vandalism or incorrect use of the seating. RAIL is produced in various versions which make it suitable for use in multiple applications: high and low backrest, two, three, four and five-seater arrangements in continuous seating of up to six meters in length, which can be made available upon special request. The outdoor version is manufactured in rust-proof materials and the indoor version is in exposed aluminium or upholstered versions. Lastly, the unit can incorporate armrests at the ends or between seats. The RAIL system can be optionally complemented with side tables which can be used to form seating arrangements at 90 and 120 degrees. There is also a two-sided or double low bench version, and another version that can be suspended from the wall with the purpose of making it easier to clean in areas exposed to intense traffic, such as on railway platforms or in corridors etc. RAIL´s ergonomic profile has been designed in accordance with the standard comfort and safety requirements for this type of installation. The seat and backrest are separated from each other by a 25 mm. gap in order to avoid an accumulation of dust, making maintenance easier and in the case of the outdoor versions this design feature allows rain water to drain off the seating surface. The basic materials (extruded aluminium, cast aluminium and tubular stainless steel) have been selected for their proven strength and durability both in indoor and outdoor use. In the upholstered version of this seating system, easily interchangeable features have been proposed to make maintenance easier and which can even be replaced on location. Produced by: Oken Year of design: 2001 Year of production: 2001 www.oken.es. Designed by Josep LLuscà.

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