Home-office WEB-WEB

Production year: 2000

WEB WEB Home-office WEB WEB has also been designed for SARE. This is work area furniture aimed at the domestic environment and has been specially conceived to adapt to IT users and computers in general. The unit is made up of a desk to hold a desk-top computer, a side table and a small set of book shelves. The desk follows the design lines of the Alunita table, but unlike this table WEB WEB has only two legs in lacquered moulded aluminium. The rest of the desk?s weight is supported by the attached side table which at the same time serves as a stand for the computer equipment (monitor, printer, scanner, etc?). To facilitate use, fully removable shelves on guide tracks have been fitted in the cupboard, making it possible to take any piece of equipment out of the cupboard completely. The area designated to take the monitor can be used for a variety of other purposes, such as a filing system for folders. The L-shaped composition of this furniture makes it ideal for use in corners which would otherwise go unused, and as there is no back to this design, it can also be positioned in the centre of a room and used as a dividing feature. The shelving, independent from the rest of the unit, has a parallelepiped form and is made up of a single module divided into four compartments for storing books, CDs, diskettes or any other kind of object that has to be stored but which should also be easily accessible. The desktop, the side table and the book shelves are manufactured in various natural or lacquered woods. Produced by: Sare Year of design: 2000 Year of production: 2000

Home-office WEB-WEB Home-office WEB-WEB Home-office WEB-WEB