Grupo AC Marca

Instant shine YAK

Production year: 2004

YAK Instant shine, designed by Josep LLuscà. The design of a dispenser packaging such as this must provide a handy solution for the two main areas of its commercial life: firstly, as a presence and means of communication in retail outlets and, secondly, as useful and functional adjunct in the domestic, family context. To this end, a shape was designed that would present a large frontal area for communicating effective graphic displays, whilst also highlighting its two main points of use: the pushbutton dispenser and the entire ergonomic area for easy handling of the foam brush. The dispenser packaging offers vertical stability for display purposes and the shape of its brush-cum-top provides for ergonomically optimised handling. Produced by: Grupo AC Marca Year of design: 2004 Year of production: 2005

Instant shine YAK Instant shine YAK