Metrega telefon

Telephone SPIKER

Production year: 2000

SPIKER is a telephone terminal that adapts to the needs of the user. Working in a team alongside the manufacturer, has made it possible to identify the exact components used and the functions carried out by each of these components. At the same time, this has permitted the designers to incorporate new technology that adapts specifically to the required design features. With a better understanding of the terminal?s technical possibilities, a design has been developed which helps cover all of the user´s needs and as a result offers a more efficient service. This is a design with simple yet innovative design lines that are at once assumable and very ergonomic. SPIKER has a quadrangular format. It is flat with short legs at the back which can be extended to give the apparatus a more sloped profile. The front has three clearly distinguished parts which make operating easier. The display is in the upper right-hand part and indicates all the movements produced in the terminal. The keys have been positioned according to four functional groups. The ergonomic earpiece is on the left and guarantees excellent sound quality, and a perforated surface conceals the speaker for use with the speaker-phone option. The sole concession to decoration has been made in the central part of the design. Production: Metrega telefonía Year of design: 2000 Year of production: 2001. Design: Josep LLuscà

Telephone SPIKER Telephone SPIKER Telephone SPIKER