22? LCD television

Production year: 2005

22? LCD television Tecnimagen has continuously entrusted LluscàDesign with developing its televisions, throughout the different phases of the company?s progress LluscàDesign developed portable 14" televisions when this was Tecnimagen?s main field of business, and the company was a European leader in the manufacture of these small sets for a range of brands and countries. They continued to rely on LluscàDesign when it became commercially viable to develop newer, larger, 22? and 42? sets, that still used cathode ray tubes. The relationship between the two companies has recently led to the design of a flat screen LCD television produced in a range of formats, designed to compete directly with large international companies such as LG, Samsung, Sony, and Pioneer. The new range incorporates all the latest technology for televisions of this kind, and is based on a meticulous and authoritative design that has been widely accepted by the various brands that will retail it. It includes two aspects that will set it apart in a highly competitive market. On the one hand, the front panel of the television has two removable horizontal strips that allow personalisation of the set, making it possible to distinguish between the different brands for which Tecnimagen manufactures, and to incorporate aesthetic changes that will extend the range and its commercial possibilities. The second aspect refers to the base of the table-top version, a single aluminium piece with a range of possible finishes, and the versatility to extend to selected lengths, depending on the size of the television. Produced by: Tecnimagen Year of design: 2004 Year of production: 2005

22? LCD television 22? LCD television